We understand that trying to time the market or invest in the hot stock of the day can be very tempting, but a diversified investment strategy is a better more stable way to help you reach your goals in the long-term.

Hawkins Capital Advisors serves a broad range of clientele, including a number of individuals and small business owners throughout Southern California.

I am highly versed in the issues and concerns of affluent clients, and knowledgable of economic conditions, tax legislation and accounting standards. We provide our clients with sophisticated solutions that can preserve wealth throughout the generations.

Holistic Approach

Many of our clients have a diverse range of assets, revenues and interests. As such, they often benefit from custom solutions that consider their goals, assets, revenues and financial interests, both individually and as parts of a whole. Because we offer a full spectrum of integrated services, we can offer the kind of holistic council that our clients require to navigate both their long- and short-term perspectives.


We believe that close collaboration is an invaluable aspect of our superior service. I place a high emphasis on long-term relationships and frequent face-to-face communications with clients.  This stable relationship provides significant value, as well as cost efficiencies for you and help me to proactively identify opportunities and issues that may affect you.


IRAs & Retirement Savings

With careful planning you should be able to live the way you want: leisurely vacations, quiet afternoons, and time enough to spend with your family or hobbies. Saving for retirement now affords you the opportunity to live without worrying about financial security, today and after retirement.


Despite our best efforts, sometimes, life just doesn’t happen the way we planned. Accidents happen and since there isn’t anything anyone can do about them we can insure against them and come close to helping you protect yourself and your family from them. With a wide range of insurance options, we will help you walk through them to find the on that fits your needs the best.


Preferred Vendor:

  • Medicare Supplement
  • Medicare Advantage
  • Medicare Prescription Drug Program
  • Medicare Special Needs Program (SNP)

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